wtorek, 2 listopada 2010

Najpiękniejszy kolor jesieni...

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  1. So beautiful! a really great composition! the color and the approach is gorgeous.. i loved it!
    a pleasure pass here..

  2. nice these colors of the current season

  3. my spring is like a colorless autumn but this photo surely adds a little color now :)

    last spring was lost
    in mellow and meandering thoughts,
    the blossoms in my soul
    wreathed a dream of its own.
    nights were spent
    dotting on hope to paint,
    words seeped into my heart
    and were lost in the melange.
    the medley of feelings
    still continues its breathing.
    but it feels autumn,
    the sky is so misty in the dawn
    the brilliant shades of life
    wear a doleful look
    the twitters are dying down
    so are my words
    fewer and fewer each moment
    none left to strum the chord.



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