piątek, 22 października 2010

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  1. Beautiful composition! nice combination of colors and shadows .. Really i liked it ..
    Wishing you a nice weekend:)

  2. It's wonderful. I like the tree and moonlight with bluish sky.

  3. jak w romantycznym horrorze ;P

    super fota!

  4. nice atmosphere
    with the moonlight and the silhouet of the tree !
    a nice weekend my friend !

  5. Замечательно :) спасибо за фото

  6. Zdjęcie tchnie tajemnicą i urokiem.

  7. Esta fotografía me parece magnifica con un colorido impresionante. Felicitaciones. Saludos. Victoria.

  8. i try to restrain
    but it goes in vain

    i tried hard not to pen down the words
    tonight they defy everything and come forth flowing
    these words in black may seem to lack
    the silent upheaval that creates all these struggle
    to withhold the tears though they are unpretentious
    and stretch the lips to fake a smile yet no intention to beguile.

    i looked outside and lost my way in the darkest sky
    while wandering around,a thin slice of light i found
    patiently it hung from nowhere and poured in light everywhere
    but this light was false as there was no skylark's song
    the poignant nightingale made it unbearable
    as i once again longed for you in a night so blue.

    this is what i wrote a few weeks ago and came across this beautiful photo in your blog ...just dropped it here :)



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